The Darth Quattro comes in two actions, 5:5 and 6:4. Both Tenkara rods are pictured here.
The Darth Quattro Tenkara rod is a matte black carbon fiber rod. Pictured here is the tenkara rod tube.
The Darth Quattro is the worlds first quadruple zoom tenkara rod. It can be fished at sizes ranging from 5&
The rod sock for the Dart Quattro is made of black velvet and has a velcro closure.
The Darth Quattro uses a swivel lillian to help prevent twisting and make sure you land the big fish on your Tenkara rod.
The Darth Quattro has a reversed half wells shape cork handle. The handle is slightly smaller to ensure a well balanced tenkara rod.

Darth Quattro

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Introducing the Wasatch Tenkara Rods Darth Quattro, the ultimate tool for the dedicated Tenkara angler seeking unparalleled performance and style. Designed with precision and innovation, this rod pushes the boundaries of what is possible in Tenkara fishing.

The Wasatch Tenkara Rods Darth Quattro is crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability in any fishing condition. Its sleek and stealthy black finish exudes a sense of power and sophistication, making it a standout amongst other rods on the market.

Equipped with the innovative Quattro technology, this rod offers unmatched versatility and adaptability. With four interchangeable sections, you can easily adjust the length and action to suit your fishing needs. Whether you're targeting small mountain streams or larger rivers, the Darth Quattro can handle it all with ease.

The rod features a responsive and sensitive tip that allows for precise casting and accurate presentation of flies. Its lightweight and balanced design ensures comfortable and effortless casting, reducing fatigue during long fishing sessions. The Darth Quattro is designed to enhance your casting experience, allowing you to focus on the art and joy of Tenkara fishing.

The Wasatch Tenkara Rods Darth Quattro is not just a rod, but a symbol of dedication and passion for the sport. It embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration, encouraging anglers to push their boundaries and discover new fishing techniques. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting your Tenkara journey, this rod will elevate your fishing experience to new heights.

Invest in the Wasatch Tenkara Rods Darth Quattro and join the ranks of elite anglers who appreciate the perfect balance of performance and style. Unleash the power of the dark side and conquer the waters with this exceptional Tenkara rod. May the fish be with you!

P.S. if you plan on using this rod for Steelhead (Greg Shafer), don't!

Rod Specs:
-6:4 or 5:5 action
-1.8oz (with tip plug)
-FOUR fishing sizes (fish at 5'6", 6'6", 7'6" or 8'6")
-16 1/2" collapsed length (plus 1/2" with plug)
-6 1/4" reversed half-wells shape, cork and foam handle
-aluminum butt cap with double o-rings (doesn't break like plastic)
-snug-fitting rubber tip plug
-premium carbon fiber (we have never had a fish break this rod)

Rod Sock Specs:
-18 1/4" long
-black microfiber
-velcro closure

Rod Tube Specs:
-20 1/2" long
-1 1/2" diameter
- black carbon fiber matte finish
-durable carbon fiber

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Strong, Durable, Sensitive


WTR is here for you when you need a Tenkara rod you can trust.


Very few people have succeeded in breaking one of our rods. The few that have hooked into fish that most anglers only dream of.

We ensure our rods are made of the highest quality carbon fiber, each rod is wrapped flawlessly, and excellent resin is used to hold it all together.

This process helps us produce the strongest rods on the market!


Buy once, buy for life. Our rods don't just look like a piece of art, they are designed to last and hold up to whatever you throw at them.

While you will probably end up with more than one, a quality rod is someing that can withstand the rigors you throw at it, and come out on top. When you buy a WTR rod, you are buying a quality piece of equipment that is built to last.


As many of you know, casting a large, strong rod, all day can be a pretty tiresome endeavor.

That is why we manufacture our rods to feel balanced and good in your hand. It doesn't matter which length, action, or how long you fish, a WTR rod casts like a dream and helps you land the fish of your dreams.

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