This is a foam line holder for Tenkara fishing, trout fishing, and Japanese fly fishing.
This is a foam line holder for Tenkara fishing, trout fishing, and Japanese fly fishing.

Large Foam Line Holders

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These Large Foam Line Holders are great for having a pre-rigged line fully setup and ready to go. You can also use them to just keep extra level and furled line so that you are always prepared on the water. 

They come with a push pin to help keep your line in place and keep it from unraveling.

These measure about 2 3/4" in diameter and 3/8" wide. The hole is about 11/16" in diameter.

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Strong, Durable, Sensitive


WTR is here for you when you need a Tenkara rod you can trust.


Very few people have succeeded in breaking one of our rods. The few that have hooked into fish that most anglers only dream of.

We ensure our rods are made of the highest quality carbon fiber, each rod is wrapped flawlessly, and excellent resin is used to hold it all together.

This process helps us produce the strongest rods on the market!


Buy once, buy for life. Our rods don't just look like a piece of art, they are designed to last and hold up to whatever you throw at them.

While you will probably end up with more than one, a quality rod is someing that can withstand the rigors you throw at it, and come out on top. When you buy a WTR rod, you are buying a quality piece of equipment that is built to last.


As many of you know, casting a large, strong rod, all day can be a pretty tiresome endeavor.

That is why we manufacture our rods to feel balanced and good in your hand. It doesn't matter which length, action, or how long you fish, a WTR rod casts like a dream and helps you land the fish of your dreams.

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