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At Wasatch Tenkara Rods, or WTR as our customers say, we love that when someone buys one of our rods, all of our customers instantly welcome them into the WTR family. Being part of the family means having instant fishing friends, advice from anyone at almost any time, and a group of people who are supportive of the fishing you do, regardless of how you do it!

Darth Quattro
The Darth Quattro is the world's first quadruple-zoom Tenkara rod. Not only do 4 fishing lengths give you a huge range to work with, but this rod is also the lightest zoomable rod on the market, weighing in at 1.7oz!
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Skiddy Fishing

The spectrum

Watch Skiddy use 6 different models as he fishes the Wasatch Front!

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Whether it is our hats, rods, or any other cool gear we sell, WTR products are built to last no matter what you put them through, but more importantly, made for fun!